The graduation project of Guliz Tokadli, which is conducted in CAL, won  Boeing Engineering Student of the Year at undergraduate level. The FlightGlobal magazine interview can be found here.

CAL has initiated new ATM research activity within, a FP7-AAT project.

HALA! – SESAR WP-E funded AutoFly-Aid project which aims to develop novel automation support algorithms and tools.

Controls and Avionics Laboratory has been founded in 2006, and current research focus is on air traffic management and control, flight control systems, flight-deck HMIs, avionics systems, large-scale computation and optimization, nano-spacecraft, non-linear flight controls for agile maneuvering, group coordination of unmanned air vehicles and human-fleet machine interfaces.

ITU CAL carries a variety of local and international research projects from EC FP7, SESAR, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), SANTEZ (Turkish Industry and Technology Ministry Project) and industrial projects from BOEING and HAVELSAN. ITU CAL is also a member SESAR HALA! Research Network. In addition the laboratory houses a complete FNPT II level Boeing 737-800 NG flight simulator for advanced flight deck automation and avionic research and various types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms. In 2014, the laboratory has been restructured under a bigger research establishment which is named as Aeronautical Research Center.

Controls and Avionics Laboratory

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